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This page is where you can request help with coding and development on your community. Communities can only be helped by an active administrator or approved community member.

Please allow a minimum of one week for a response to your adoption request. Official responses will come from Algorithmz, who will look at requests in the order they were received. We look forward to helping your community!

Coding Request links
Español: Para las solicitudes de codificación en español, visite Coding Requests/es.
Français: Pour les demandes de codage en français, consultez cette page.

Adding new request

To place a new coding request, please click "Add new request." Fill in the form that appears and click "Submit" to leave your request.

If there is already a request for a wiki you wish to adopt, please add a number -- eg. "Book Infobox - The Thundermans Wiki (2)".

If the "Add new request" button does not work for you, please use the "Add a page" option in the Contribute dropdown menu on the upper right to create a request. The page title should have the format "Adoption:Wiki name". Copy/paste the questions from this page onto your page and then add your answers. Make sure you add Category:Coding requests to the page in the "Categories" editor module. If you do not add this category we may not see your request at all.

Good luck!

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